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What is project Alien?


From the creators of the Majors Garage, Project Alien is the "out of this world" offspring of sim racing and "The Voice". A reality TV style show that aims to discover and create the next Alien... maybe you. 

Hundreds (or billions) of hopeful drivers will audition. The coaches will narrow the selections and embark on a journey through time and space... a journey to create an alien.

The Project Alien show will be there to showcase the struggle and human side of chasing down those sim racing dreams.


Auditions for Season One have closed, but you can get alerts for when episodes are available and for when we open auditions for season two. 

The fastest reality TV show in the Universe is on You Tube

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Meet the overlords

host | Joe Peak

 Joe has seen many, many sim racing aliens in the wild, and you could call him an expert in "extra terrestrial asphalt activity"

He hones his senses as the lead commentator for the Global Sim Racing Channel, and he can easily spot the difference between the real deal and a balloon boy hoax. Now, Joe brings that expertise to Project Alien as the host of the fastest reality tv show in the world, err... Universe.




coach | suellio almeida

A champion level driver for sure, but Suellio Found his true passion as a racing coach. He is well known as a "Formula" or "Open Wheel" master, but he is versatile enough to teach any road discipline.  With hundreds of students, Suellio knows talent when he see it. Will he see it in you? Will he choose you as his "Project Alien"






coach | brian lockwood

Brian has years of experience competing at the highest levels of the simracing esports scene. Brian is currently a Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup driver with over 500 official wins and multiple league championships.

But it's not all virtual for Brian as he has competed in real life in the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup.


Although an amazing driver, he may be an even better coach. They say "it takes one, to know one". Will Brian be able to spot your inner alien? 




coach | Dallas Pataska


Dallas is best known for his oval racing, but he is a true ace in any car he jumps in; oval, road, open wheel, GT...it just doesn't matter. Dallas is also one of the Majors Garage most popular coaches. His helpful, easy going approach to teaching helps him extract the most from his students. 


And just like Sigourney Weaver, he can get the "Alien" out of you too. 




coach | jeff drake


Back in the day, racers in the United States mostly went the USAC route. They mastered dirt and if they were lucky they moved their way up to Indy. 

Jeff is old school like that as he is both a dirt and an Indycar specialist. 

He can see the grease under your finger nails and the dirt on your visor, but can he see the Alien inside you?