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take me to your leader

>>>  To get what you want, you have to put yourself out there. Like standing beneath a hovering UFO, lights flashing, stairs decending and having the guts to say...
"take me to your leader".


This moment is like that too.  

You can take a chance and audition for the show. Who knows, you might just be the next sim racing alien. 




ANY and ALL iRacing members (that are at least 13) are eligible to audition! and it's totally free. If you want to be abducted there are some things that can boost your chances.

Personality | Have one! Be passionate, be enthusiastic, be funny, be YOU!

Camera | Have a good web cam and or excellent cell phone camera. A big portion of the show will feature you in front of the camera, make yourself look good. 

Decent PC | The rest of the show will be highlighting your progress in the sim. You need a system powerful enough to easily stream to Twitch or You Tube and look fabulous doing it. 

Apply IN TIME | You will have to get over your fears soon as the deadline to apply is August 27th, 2021.

All Fields below are required, if you don't have everything ready right now that's ok, CLICK HERE to indicate your interest.  

>>> What is your Name?

>>> What is your email address?

>>> What is your iRacing Member ID?

>>> How old are you?

>>> Where are you from?

>>> What types of racing do you specialize in? (select all that apply)

>>> Why do you want to be on the show? Why should we select you? Don't be shy... let it all hang out.

>>> Audition Files

Show us about you. Upload a short video of you in front of the camera. Tell us about you, why you think you can be the next Alien and why you love sim racing. Also please upload a headshot of yourself (shoulder up, selfie is fine, but higher quality the better)


>>> Legal stuff... by submitting a show application you grant Project Alien consent to use your submitted;  images, videos and likeness however we see fit.  

If you need time to put together your audition info, no problem, you can still indicate your interest on being on the show below!

Ok, that's one foot in the door...

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