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  1.  What is Project Alien?
    Project Alien is part coaching academy and part reality tv show where we try to turn at least one sim racer into an Alien.

  2. How can I get on the show?
    Auditions for Season 1 are open until August 27th, you can apply here

  3. Does it cost anything to be on the show?
    No, it is free to apply and it is free to be on the show if selected. 

  4. When will the contestants be selected?
    Very soon after the entry deadline of August 27th.

  5. What are the chances I get selected?
    If you don't apply... zero. 

  6. If I am selected do I get to choose the coach I work with?
    No, the coaches will choose (abduct) you. Get ready.

  7. If I am selected what can I win?
    The coaching you receive and the opportunity to become a pro level driver are the biggest prizes, but all finalists will receive a year subscription to the Majors Garage and the winner of the show will get a try out with the Williams Esports Academy team. As more sponsors come on board the prize pool could increase. 

  8. When will the show begin?
    First episode will be available in September and shows will air weekly. Exact dates are TBD. 

  9. Where can I watch the show?
    It will be available on both the Global Sim Racing Channel and on the Majors Garage You Tube Channel. 

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